This poem came to me one night after church and I couldn’t sleep until I got these words onto paper. I hope it inspires the strong men in our society to see how great they are and the power they possess.


By Bongi Mvuyana

Dear man of God, Do you not know that God created you in his image?

That when He looks at you He not only sees His image reflected back at Him but He is also reminded of the goodness in His heart when He created you.

When He looks at you He sees the completion of His creation. It was your rib He found precious enough to make your helper, the most beautiful sight you’ll ever see. That beauty came from within you,  for the soil with all it’s jewels and precious metals was not treasure enough for the woman He made from you. It was the beauty that you held within you that He used to create the beauty you now behold as woman. When you find your eternal helper, though fears may rage within your mind, though doubt and iniquity may misplace you, though words the world has sown and reaped tell you you’re nothing more than weak, remember the God that made you breathe, remember the man He created you to be.

It is you He sees in His image, so realise that when you pray, you access a part of Himself that He cannot deny. When you worship His name, your spirit unlocks a part of His Spirit that knows too well the power of your praise. When you learn to love His heart rejoices for you have learnt who He is.

Remember you are not of this world, so its definition of you should never define you. It is the Word of God and all its magnifications of you that truly defines the greatness within you. Allow God to magnify you, to look deep within you, to search your soul to reveal your truth. Allow Him to reveal yourself to you; even your weaknesses, even in the darkest depths of your inner sins, let Him cleanse the canvas of your spirit and just as He created the Earth, let there be His light inside you so He may make art of you. Let Him see the masterpiece that is you and let Him say that it is good.

Let your works remind Him of Moses; done so He may be worshipped. Let your walk remind Him of Enoch, your faithfulness of Abraham.

Let the love within you remind Him of the love through which He gave us Christ. Let your spirit find joy in His presence so it may be moved when you find your helper in His presence. Let your spirits rejoice in each other as John and Christ rejoiced in the womb. Let your love for her demostrate the love of God. Let your reflection of God become her home.

Dear man of God Do you not know that God created you in His image? When I look at you I see the potential that God placed within you. Do not fear when you are challenged by life to be a better reflection. Remember, when God sees you, His image is reflected back.